Thursday, February 26, 2009

What happens when you give musicians a month to create 10 minutes of original music? 

What happens when you give choreographers a month to create 10 minutes of original dance? 

What happens when you put those musicians and choreographers in a room together 

For the first time. For one night only. In front of a full house?

What happens when you pair them up at random. On the spot. 

And all they can do is go?

These questions will be answered, in part or in full,

Before your very eyes at




Under St. Marks

St. Marks between 1st and A

Cost: FREE

(Bring a few Washingtons for some cheap drinks)

The Musicians

Jerome Ellis and James Monaco

Matt Mazur

Jo Lampert and Damon Duanno


Drew Vanderburg and Corey Michener

Barrie McClain and Matthew Marsh

The Black on Brown

The Choreographers

Kelly Samara

Heather Caruso

Jenny Beth Snyder

Ani Niemann

Chloe Kernaghan

Nikki Calonge and Mieke Duffly

Morgan Murphey

The Order:

To. Be. Decided.

Come and be witness to sloppy firsts

Happy accidents

Harmonious mistakes

And results thrown up to chance