Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Design with Svelte! opens Thursday May 7!
Meet Svelte, Fun Designer, and make your own Fun! Svelte Designs Fun for any gathering of bodies by using eight simple elements: Trust, Company, Lighting, Clothing, Music, Specificity, Surprise and Risk. Combining these elements, Svelte will conduct an evening of Fun Designs built to bring joy and liberation for You! And You! And probably You! Play music so hip, so smooth with your very own Air Orchestra! Bump to the beat in da Club! Meet the love of your life! What? The love of your life! That sounds so Neat! And it's going to be how Easy? So Easy! Can you believe how Fun this is?!
To maximize your Fun, bring a posse! That you create! With people you like! And hate! And it doesn't start until 9 so a glass of wine at 8 sounds great! I love the scarf that you are wearing!
It's a great Reunion event, a Ladeez Night, a Boyz Club venture, an AWESOME DATE [I can't even tell you how awesome of a date this is], just grab all of the people you love to party with and come party onstage with me!
When are you doing this?!
Thursday May 7th 9pm
Saturday May 9th 9pm
Sunday May 10th 4pm
Monday May 11th 9pm
Wednesday May 13th 9pm
Where are you doing this at so you know where to be?!
@ the DR2 Theater in Union Square, 103 East 15th Street
With a ticket that you got here!:
Fun DesIgn wIth Svelte!  
[Conceived and Performed by Preston Martin]
[Presented by terraNOVA Collective 
as part of the 2009 SoloNova Arts Festival]
[Produced by Andrew Neisler for The Centrifuge]
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