Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A mysterious delivery arrives at the office of a nuclear energy company...
- Performed and written by:
Elizabeth Alderfer
Stevo Arnoczy
Nikki Calonge
Yung-I Chang
Ilya Khodosh
Preston Martin
Barrie McLain
Kate Weber
Cherry Lane Theatre
38 Commerce Street
New York NY, 10014
SAT Aug. 15 @ 4:30pm
TUE Aug. 18 @ 10:15pm
FRI Aug. 21 @ 9pm
MON Aug. 24 @ 5:15pm
FRI Aug. 28 @ 9:15pm
Original Music by: Corey Michener
Costume Design by: Lorelei Ignas
Lighting Design by: Andrew Neisler
Media Design by: Kate Freer and Dave Tennent
Set Design by: Matthew Gliva
Stage Managed and Assistant Directed by: Karina Martins
Dramaturged by: Sarah Rose Leonard
Produced by: Rachel Marder
In Association with: The Centrifuge
This show is for anyone who has ever day dreamed about being somewhereor someone else while working at an office and for thosewho know the secrets of what can happen behind thecubicle walls. - Want to know more? Visit